We’re thrilled to launch our new Bunch O Balloons website. It got a splash-out loud, summer fun filled make over.

The final countdown begins... Watch the show LIVE from the Opéra Garnier, Paris on @Facebook!

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Congratulations to ZURU @BunchOBalloons winner of Active/Outdoor Toy of the Year! #TOTY17 #TOTY #TFNY

Vote for @Bunchoballoons! Great product, good people. America Votes for TOTY - Active/Outdoor Toy of the Year

Whoever inventd @BunchOBalloons r legends!Wish I had thm whn I was a kid.Luv thm.Had th biggest water fight wit thm last night. #lovinglife

Whoever said that slow and steady wins the race obviously never had Bunch O Balloons! #Bunchoballoons #waterballoons #fun #cool!!



Want to WIN an all expenses paid trip for 2 to California?! ✈️☀️
You've got 👉 1 WEEK LEFT 👈 to enter our #UnleashSummer #WaterBalloonChallenge Video Contest for a chance to attend the World of Dance Finals with a friend or one of 15 awesome Bunch O Balloons and World of Dance Runner Up Prize Packs! Check out the video to learn how!
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The weekend is almost here! 😎 It's the perfect time to send in your entry for our Water Balloon Challenge, hosted by World of Dance! We've got a ton of prizes for the most creative videos, so try out all the tricks and upload your vid to Insta! ☀️

Makayla, aka @makaykay6 tried out a sick move to pop the balloon on her foot and nailed it! How will YOU Unleash Summer?!

Full contest rules:
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Our Water Balloon Challenge, hosted by World of Dance, is🔥 up, so make sure you go grab your pack of Bunch O Balloons and record yourself doing the most creative trick you can! Anything goes! Just check out Gavin Logan Raygoza killing it with a crazy headstand water balloon catch! 😮😮😮
Show us how YOU unleash summer!
Official Rules here:
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We've got another water balloon challenge video!!! Ariah aka @little_babywockee with some pretty awesome moves before catching 2 balloons! 🙌
Want a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to World of Dance finals and other great prizes? All you have to do is grab your Bunch O Balloons and do the coolest trick you can! You only have 2 weeks left to enter!
For full rules go to
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How do you enter our World of Dance Unleash Summer Water Balloon Challenge? It's super simple!

✅ Step 1: Grab your Bunch O Balloons.
✅ Step 2: Come up with your best trick and catch it on video!
✅ Step 3: Publish your video to Instagram with #UnleashSummer & #WaterBalloonChallenge and tag Bunch O Balloons

Then challenge your friends to do the same! You could win an all-expenses-paid trip for 2 to the World of Dance Finals and other awesome prizes!
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Check it out! We've got another awesome Bunch O Balloons Water Balloon Challenge video, this time from Charlizey! It may have taken a few tries, but she NAILED it in the end! 👏

Don't miss your chance to Unleash Summer and win an all expenses paid trip to the World of Dance Finals for you and a friend! Enter before the end of May. Full details here:
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